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EQ 2.0: Emotional intelligence for the tech-driven generation.

In today’s world, accessing emotional intelligence is one of the primary steps for students to achieve their true potential. Since IQ isn’t enough on its own, EQ skills must intertwine with education for optimal success.

On the other hand, uncontrolled emotions affect mental health, making people more vulnerable to anxiety and depression and inept to form strong relationships.

Educating for the future

Through Life Atlas, students can learn life skills that can help them navigate the complexities of modern life and build more fulfilling and meaningful connections with those around them.


Developed on a research-based framework for “Socially and Emotionally Intelligent usage of Technology” our framework helps youth to develop awareness and management techniques for healthier habits when using technology.

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We are Be Human(e), a community of thinkers, doers and enablers who believe in a more human(e) future. We are building a hub for research, educational program development, and groundbreaking projects related to Socially and Emotionally Intelligent Human/Tech symbiosis.

Being in the education space, I really love what this project is aiming towards. I've taught students firsthand that would greatly benefit from a program such as this. Preparing future learners for a virtual space is essential to the mental and emotional well-being of our kids.
- A. M., Educator
I currently study mental health and social psychology. love this concept because it allows us to deep dive in murky waters and find the perfect way of connecting and exploring our own natural environment with the help of technology.
- E. D., Student