Who are we?

Our story

Be Human(e) aims to help people successfully navigate the era of human/tech symbiosis by developing the soft skills of the future.

Our mission is to reshape education through radical transparency by involving students, parents, and experts in the programme’s development.   

Our DAO gives power back to our participants – they can vote, make suggestions, and invest in creating better educational programs for themselves and for those who come after them.

Our Core Values

Approaching this movement with the right attitude is important, thus we created a list of 3 core values:

Our team

Sara Filipcic


I am Sara, a founder of the Be Human(e) project. This project was started with the vision of exploring the human(e) side of our interactions with technology. I envision a world where as technology advances, our human qualities increase – we become more human(e), both to each other and to technology.

Bernard O'Rourkes


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