Who are we?

Founding story

Sara, our founder, brings a unique blend of expertise as a social worker and an expert on emotionally intelligent technology usage.

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals in different life situations, Sara recognized the significance of preventive measures in fostering social and emotional well-being. 

After conducting extensive research on social and emotional learning across schools worldwide for four years, Sara honed her focus on examining impact of technology on the developmental journey of young individuals.

At Be Human(e), we are on a mission to revolutionize digital interactions for positive impact – bridging the gap between human connection and technology.

Our team

Sara Filipcic


I’m Sara, I started this company with the vision of exploring the human(e) side of our interactions with technology. My dream is to create a world where as technology advances, our humanity increases. Where we become more compassionate and empathetic to each other and to technology.

Bernard O'Rourkes


I’m Bernard, with over 20+ years of experience in the tech industry, working on all kinds of products from hardware to software – I’ve witnessed the immense potential of technology firsthand and know how to fully embrace it. My technical expertise helps us to effectively utilize emerging technologies, demonstrating their true power as tools.