Socially and emotionally intelligent
usage of technology

research based framework

Learn more about the research behind the “Socially and Emotionally Intelligent usage of Technology” model.

7 seiut skills:

A young girl studying behind laptop
Purposeful usage of technology

The ability to use technology at the right time, in the right way, and for the right purpose. Learn how to get from point A (intention) to point B (fulfilment of purpose) without getting distracted.

A young woman working behind laptop using her creativity
Disciplined usage of technology

Ability to self-manage technology usage, ability to balance real life and virtual life, scheduling and tracking technology use.

Ballerina with VR headsets looking at the camera
Self awareness in usage of technology

Having an awareness about the purposes and ways of using technology.

A teenage girl stressing behind laptop
Self management in usage of technology

The ability to manage and express emotions in technology usage.

A young boy doing online class
Social awareness in usage of technology

The awareness of social digital footprint and understanding others in the virtual environment.

Older and smaller brother playing a game sing VR headset
Relationships skills in usage of technology

Using technology together to foster relationships & developing teamwork skills.

A person petting a small robot
Responsible decision making in technology usage

The awareness of, and action towards, responsible usage of technology.